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Rusting Sun is an emotional alternative rock band from Vancouver, Canada. Their melodic, rhythmic, and dynamic sound weaves together seamlessly with stories drawn from lived experience in the realms of addiction, mental health, melancholy, love, and loss.


FFO: Ryan Adams, Thrice, Brian Fallon, Drive-By Truckers, Mike Ness, John Cougar, Tom Petty & Pink Floyd.

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Rusting Sun have been performing live in Western Canada since August 2022. They will be releasing new music in the summer of 2023 and are eager to travel to new places, grow their fan base, and have their art reach new listeners internationally.

To contact Rusting Sun, or view their social media, please click through the icons below. Thank you for your valuable time in looking over this EPK. We look forward to working together with you in the near future.

(Rusting Sun)


Breathe and DiveRusting Sun
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